Custom domain name in Azure Part 3 – Add a custom domain to a App Service.

Now in this last part we will add the custom domain!

When the DNS zone has been updated and redirected, verify first, it’s time to update your app service.

Head over to the App Service and note hostname and IP.

Go to the DNS Zone and add an A-record with @ that redirects to the IP-adress of your web app and a TXT for the hostname for your azure sites hostname.

Now go back into the App Service to custom domain and validate.

There you go! A custom hostname for your app service!

Custom domain name in Azure Part 2 – Redirect an external registrar to Azure DNS

Now we will let Azure act as our DNS name server instead of the delegated from our registrar.

Go to your DNS Zone and copy the four DNS servers you’ve received for your DNS.

Login to your registrar and change DNS to your Azure DNS.


Let’s configure an App Service for a custom domain in the last blog post.