Initialize a local directory as a Git repository and add it to Github Part 1 – Download Git and create the directory

Let’s add source control to a local directory with Github like here.

First download Git from here.

Next launch Git Bash.

Now create a new folder for your project and move into the folder.

mkdir itseasyasonetwothree
cd itseasyasonetwothree/

Great! Now in the next post we’ll create our Github repository.

Deploying compute workloads by using images and containers Part 4 – Deploy an Azure container instance

First update the container registry for admin enabled.

Now deploy your container. You will find username and password for the registry in the access keys settings.

az container create -g 05lab-rg --name ipcheckcontainer --image --cpu 1 --memory 1 -l westeurope

Now since it’s automatically started all you need to do is check the logs and you will see the container has collected the ip adress of the container.

az container logs -g 05lab-rg -n automaticrunipcheckcontainer

Wow! Awesome work!