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Unit testing C# with MSTest and .NET Core Part 3 – Create a test

Like I said, I’m a big fan of testing so let’s write a test! Right click on the test project and create a new Class file named PrimeService_IsPrimeShould.cs Write the code from here to create your first test! Awespme! This code creates an object from the class PrimeSerivce and calls the method IsPrime with the […]

Unit testing C# with MSTest and .NET Core Part 2 – Create the test project

So now it’s time to create the test project and add to our solution file! Create the new folder and step into it. Create the mstest project. Now add a reference to the Primeservice-project in the test-project. Finally add the test-project to the unit testing solution. Awesome! All done. Now in the next post we’ll […]


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